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We empower you to make better decisions

In the ever-changing environment, businesses should not compromise on quality, and must be equipped to take well-informed decisions…


Local and regional Tax laws and regulations are complex. We are in a position to help you navigate.

Our team of experienced and qualified professionals have the knowledge to help businesses of all types.

We understand that accounting is more than just double entries and we can help you make sense of your business transactions.

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Do small businesses need accounting?

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A Business Of Possibilities

Our affiliate firms, MLR Associates and MLR Registrars Limited provide company and business secretarial and registrar services respectively. Experienced and qualified professionals will assist you with all company and business registration and secretarial services. They understand the importance of compliance and governance for businesses operating in Kenya and pride themselves on providing clients with professional, efficient, and personalized services. They can help you stay compliant with all relevant laws and regulations.