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We Handle All Your Tax Issues

There have been a significant evolution of the tax management and compliance reporting systems in Kenya, with the introduction of itax and Tax Invoice Management Systems (TIMS) amongst others.

New laws have been enacted and amendments made to existing laws which is a challenge for business owners and individuals to be familiar with and to ensure compliance with.

Our team of experienced tax professionals assist and advice clients in all tax matters concerning individuals, partnerships, resident and non-resident, companies, branches, trusts, non-governmental organisation, and others.

Our services include are focused to these areas:

  • Tax Health Audits
  • Tax Planning
  • Statutory Filings
  • Tax Disputes

Tax Health Audits

Tax Health Check audits are designed to provide an independent review and assessment of tax compliance and identify any areas of non-compliance by providing solutions.

The major taxes included in the Health Check Audits encompass:

  • Income tax
  • PAYE and other payroll taxes
  • Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • Withholding tax
  • Stamp Duty
  • Customs and Excise duties
  • Capital Gains Tax

Tax Planning

Our comprehensive tax planning services assist in minimising taxes and our services include:

  • Taking advantage of tax deductions, reliefs, and allowances
  • Maximizing tax incentives

Statutory Filings

We have a dedicated team which provides personalized and efficient services to help our clients navigate statutory filings in order to avoid potential risks of penalties in late filings.

 Our services provided include:

  • Preparation of tax computations
  • Filing of income tax returns and advising on the payment of taxes
  • Dealing with Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) in matters concerning tax compliance and investigation audit.
  • Carrying out Value Added Tax (VAT) audits for refunds
  • Application for dormancy of PINS
  • Registration and De-registration of PINS
  • Obtaining Tax Compliance Certificates (TCC)
  • Obtaining for Tax Exemption Certificate
  • Filing of returns for: VAT, PAYE, Residential Rental Income, Capital Gains Tax and Other statutory obligations

Tax Dispute Resolutions

We are dedicated to providing personalized and efficient services to help you resolve your tax disputes as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our tax dispute resolution services include:

  • Lodging of Appeals to the Tax Appeal Tribunal (TAT), and Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR), and attending meetings, mentions, and hearings
  • Representing you in negotiations and communication with tax authorities
  • Providing advice on the best course of action to take in order to resolve the dispute

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