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About Us

TGS Manohar Lall & Rai is an established firm in Kenya since 1953 with extensive knowledge and experience spanning over 70 years.  We are committed in building trust and relationships to adapt to the needs of our clients. We pride ourselves in putting our clients at the core of everything we do and strive to obtain an understanding of the nature, size, risks, and complexity that businesses face and offer potential solutions. We empower our clients by providing strategic and professional advice to enable them to make cost effective and profitable decisions by providing high quality, strategic, and customized hands-on technological based services in the areas of audit and assurance, tax, accounting, business advisory.

Our vast experience and extensive knowledge of the multiple sectors of the economy enables us to provide our clients with comprehensive personalized professional services.

We serve a wide range of clients in different sectors including tourism, freight forwarding, mining, construction, IT and professional services, printing, trading, transportation, hospitality, manufacturing, societies, non-governmental organizations, partnerships, sole proprietorships, and retirement benefits schemes.

TGS is a dynamic global business network of independent firms providing accounting, audit, tax, and business advisory, as well as commercial legal services.

Through our membership of TGS, an international network of independent firms operating in over 55 countries, we are able to access specialist knowledge and expertise which businesses require. The mission of TGS is “Think Global Sustainability” which is at the heart of all the actions, projects, and activities that are carried out with stakeholders, employees, member firms, clients, associates, and investors. TGS is focused on ensuring member firms provide consistently high level of professional services and has a culture that embraces quality, ethical standards, acceptable business conduct, and is committed to building trust and relationships.

Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, our international business network supports client development in diverse ways. Each network member firm is committed to transforming ideas into value promoting boldness and creativity and daring to be different to satisfy the best interests of clients and employees.

As part of our commitment to providing and upholding high standards of professional services and to keep pace with the rapidly changing developments, partners and staff undergo regular training, conducted both in-house and by professional bodies. There is regular evaluation and upgrading of staff to ensure compliance with policies as well as the firm’s quality control and management procedures.

Our pragmatic vision of business, experience in the field, and feedback from members enables us to continuously improve our methods to find solutions to suit unique client environments.

Our affiliate firms, MLR Associates and MLR Registrars Limited provide corporate secretarial and registrar and business advisory services respectively.